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Hydro Jetting

Our state of the art equipment is designed to cut and remove tree roots from the 6-10 inch sewer lines

to prevent unnecessary dig ups, hydro jetting up to 4,000 psi at 32 gpm

Grease or any blockage doesn’t stand a chance when using this method. Our experienced technicians are trained to hydro jet overhead, underground, floor drains or directly off your catch basin and disperse debris up to 300 feet out to the municipal sewer lines.

Power Rodding 

We recommend power rodding all sink lines, floor drains and main sanitary sewer as routine maintenance to ensure all drains are flowing properly out to the main city sewer. Lines should be flushed thoroughly to prevent any unnecessary backups. Your property is valuable and this routine maintenance will avoid unnecessary out of pocket expenses. 

Sewer Camera Inspections/Televising

We can show you the inside of pipes, drains and sewers to pin-point the exact cause of the problem. This also enables us to quickly provide the correct solution and show you the finished results. With our camera system we are able to give you a video or dvd of our inspection. We are licensed for PDP to ensure and determine if your city is liable for damage beyond your property, saving you thousands of dollars. 

Flood Control  

Flood control systems are the most effective method in high flood zone areas. Our expert technicians have shown over years to be the best in the business with installing, repairing, and servicing check valves, sump pumps, and seepage tiles with the ARCE Guarantee you are COVERED and assured a dry basement in even the most extreme circumstances.

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